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When your ready to build we'll be ready to listen

  • I'd like to start building my new home, where do I begin?"
    At Evco Building you receive personal consultation with Garth Evans the managing Director with over 25 years’ experience in the construction industry. Garth will advise you on the process involved and your options to get you started then he will be your direct point of contact the entire way through your project. Our construction company provides every aspect of your project with a specialised and professional service team. We are always ready to have an obligation free meeting or phone call with you to help you start your new home journey. Simply contact us here or if you aren’t ready to start the conversation have a look at our home design to get some inspiration.
  • What is the time frame to build a new house?
    When embarking on your new home journey it is important to understand that many factors play a role in the time frame of your new build. A few factors could include the home design selected, whether it is a standard or custom design, Single Storey, Double Storey, Narrow Lot, Farmhouse or Multigeneration home build. The size and condition of your block is also a factor that may affect the timeframe of your build, if retaining or extensive earthworks are required. Also, if your home build requires planning approval from your local council, this process can take between 30 to 90 days depending on the planning policies in your municipality. The average new home build from initial site works is 7 months.
  • Should I consult with my builder before I buy a block of land?
    There is no need to describe the block of land you’re considering to us. We offer a free site assessment that will allow us to recommend the most ideal design to suit the block as well as take into consideration the potential site related cost and design guidelines. We can design and build, or our respected clients can also supply their own plans for us to complete a quality build for you.
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